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Environmental Stewardship Project

As we all strive to be exemplary citizens and contribute to community and future development of our country, Office Are Us Ltd. has undertaken several initiatives as relates toCorporate & SocialResponsibility. Among our recent and ongoing initiatives are:


ITSD” Ink & Toner cartridges Safe Disposal

We have worked diligently to set up a CSR Project “ITSD “aimed at minimizing a dangerous waste stream polluting our garbage dumps and ground water. OAU, is pleased to offer assistance to any citizen, group or organization of Trinidad & Tobago who desires to “lend a hand” in efforts to protect our environment by not disposing of used ink and toner cartridges as normal trash, instead use our outlined a collection method. We also welcome sponsorship of bins for key locations; sponsors may note that it provides a great avenue to promote corporate greening!

All of us are vividly aware of the vast environmental degradation and pollution occurring worldwide; including within our beautiful home the twin islands of Trinidad & Tobago. Largely, it has been contributed by the spurt in the human population growth and increased natural resource consumption throughout the world over the last 50 years. This has lead to vast accumulations of waste and pollution, among other debilitating effects, including health hazards.

Locally, consumers lack avenues to contribute to the global environmental protection efforts by way of helping minimize waste and pollution. OAU has gone to great lengths to offer this service of Ink & Toner cartridges Safe Disposal. We consider this initiative a corporate socialresponsibility; moreover it is a human responsibility. Raising awareness of the project by every person/group involved is the key to ensuring the project will have an impact nationally.

Separate 2 Create

A pilot project/study initiated by students of the Sustainable Energy Management MBA of the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business. The project's partners are San Juan Laventille Regional Corporation West Indies Recycling and SAVE Foundation.

Key sponsors are FCBToyotaUnipetDiproinduca,Caribbean GlassLJ Willams (The Home Store)INTAD and Office Are Us Ltd. The project's aim is to assist the transition into an Integrated Solid Waste Management through a pilot study of 8,000 households in Barataria.

Separate 2 Create - a Project to truly help us along our path of Sustainable Development . Come join us. Visit us on Facebook.