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Repair Center

Repair Center


The OAU Repair Center™

The OAU Repair Center™ mission is to be recognized as the quality leader in the Mobile & Tablet Repair industry. Our careful focus on serving each client's special needs allows us to provide total client satisfaction, high quality repair and professional consulting services to everyone.OAU Repair Center

Cell Phone Repair

  • All iPhones, Samsungs, BLU, Blackberries, HTC, etc.
  • We refurbish phones; make them look great again.
  • Specialize in Screen replacements, LCD repair, Water damage and Circuit board repair, etc.
  • We repair USB ports on all cell phones.
  • We specialize in troubleshooting Software, Hardware & Firmware


Best Circuit Board Repair

  • We don't just change parts- we have advanced techniques that allow us to actually repair circuits
  • We specialize in repairing cold solder joints, replacing integrated circuits, and USB ports.
  • We take our time to properly identify circuit board issues and provide you with detailed pictures.
  • We are very skilled at identifying chips that are as small as a grain of sand and replacing


We Repair all Cell Phone reception issues

  • Most reception issues are caused by a malfunctioning circuit board.
  • We isolate the problem, repair the chip and boost your reception.
  • We identify issues caused by fluctuating WIFI service


Un-matched Cell Phone Repair Service

  • If we can't repair your phone, we can assure you that nobody else can.
  • Proud to share that we have a 99% success rate.
  • We utilize advanced trade secrets that allow us to fix boards that most people have given up on.
  • We have access to state of the art equipment that allows us to identify cold solder joints and repair them effectively


Most experienced and qualified technicians

  • Most repairs are within 48hrs as long as the spare parts are in stock, if not we will advise.
  • We carry the largest inventory of spare parts for Apple, Blackberry, Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC and others in Trinidad & Tobago.
  • We employ Master technicians, solder technicians and assemblers so that we give the most prompt attention to your repair.



The Most Affordable Pricing

We don't need to price match; our pricing is always affordable!

  • We don't charge extras. If you come in to repair one thing, and you need other items repaired, we rarely charge for additional labor.
  • We believe in building lifetime relationships with our customers as most of our customers bring us repeat business. By treating clients the right way from the start, being honest and keeping costs low, it just makes sense to repair all your cell phones & tablets with us.


Why We Have The Best Services

14 Day Warranty on all parts and repairs

  • If your hardware (screens, housing, ports, etc) repair was completed by the OAU Repair Center and it fails within 14 days, the device will have to be returned to the Repair Center. Our Technicians will determine the nature of the damage and determine the cause of the failure. We will advise whether we can fix again. 
  • If the device was dropped and damaged caused as a result we will offer to fix again for you and will offer the parts needed at cost.  ( You will not pay for installation)
  • If our Repair Center fixed a software or firmware problem and the problem recurs within 14 days, the device can be brought back and we will fix again at no cost.  After 14 days you will be responsible for the cost to repair.
  • Professional Services:  We do circuit board repair in house to keep costs low.
  • All damaged circuit boards are carefully inspected, cleaned and thoroughly tested.  Once we determine what is causing the issue, we isolate the faulty chip and replace it.  We carry most cell phone parts in house, so most repairs are completed on the spot.  If we don’t have it in stock we have a network of suppliers internationally that supply grade A parts for our repair services.
  • We understand the importance of having a working mobile device, so we work diligently until it's repaired. We have established long standing relationships directly with a few key manufactures.  This allows us to maintain product quality while forwarding the discounts to the client.